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exile_of-timeEft wildre mealwan seawes þry lytle bollan fullan.
Leechdoms, Wortcunning, and Starcraft of Early England

Hyoscyamus, when taken by a person in health, produces disorder of the nervous system
Penny cyclopædia of the Society for the diffusion of useful knowledge

The gods were sitting at the board

The gods were sitting at the board
In their great house at Slievenamon.
They sang a drowsy song, or snored,
For all were full of wine and meat.
The smoky torches made a glare
On metal Goban’d hammered at,
On old deep silver rolling there
Or on some still unemptied cup
That he, when frenzy stirred his thews,
Had hammered out on mountain top
To hold the sacred stuff he brews
That only gods may buy of him.