Cold war

I didn’t start it, but you might say I carried my weight as best I could during the cold war. So I have earned the right to speak plainly to you, as thou art either the best of men or the better half of women — exclusions may apply in some jurisdictions. We thy servants must be a sorry flock to set before the king.

Please to forgive these scholarly blind alleys — I don’t have time to become immortalized as a poet of the first magnitude. But someday, if my ship comes in and I can afford to become a philosopher, I would like to solve once and for all the riddle of existence. And if it was in my genes to become a that molecular biologist who can put it all togetjher, I would trace my ancestries to the skin of a virus. If I could get into psychoanalysis, given my upbringing, I would make your head spin. Figuratively, of course.