All I want for Christmas is thrysisters for my my tube. Moxi Bustion, Milly Subluxion, and Fanny Brite. When the chips are down. Same time, same channel. Pray to the Gipsy Rose, clickety schick, the well-rounded earth mother who played flat out at her Korg keyboard, down at the Vulgus videoarcade. A strange attractor in the bit stream, underneath the cafeteria. 

We’ve met before. I’m the child of the atom bomb, a kissing cousin of sputnik twice removed, hummer and satchel. We still remember our first tv. We remember watching the couple calypso, peeping tomboys like Santa, hammer of twitches. Jugg band music in the attic, jug jug juggler, the juggler in vain. The Mooty in maw. One moment please, we’re experiencing faulty reception. 

Seated by my side. Silver bells and rusty mufflers. The cattle are lowing, the baby awakes. Face the moon. Make the bate, the gens inconnu. Round John Virgin and his tempest in a teapot, the Green Mountaineers. Jimmie crack corn and I don’t care, Maxwell’s mogen demon has got one up on Kelper’s toothy fairy, the dirty diddle dwevill. A veritable king of the road, we were well pleased with the cut of his coat of many coloreds. 

He forgot usetoday’s newspappers at great crosst to us all. The superstar of the Bethlehem Steelers was iron to the core.

Wass tass mell? Eau de ewe. Pas mall. Paw maw. Pell mell. Call for Philip Morrison. He’s wanted on the chesterfield.

“Nice cookies,” he said as he passed with a hat. Aqua vit.

Drama and drampa don’t wanna knose. But when man does nose woman, we all can be accessories after the fat. Purse you, belt we, and smell me Rhonda. “I like your shoes.”

Whereupon it was recumbent upon her to pass the cucubits and succubust. Spread the jams and say a mass transit of superstarlets. May you fall into the chasm of the Cathode Ray whenever you’re up that way. Particulates in Canada.

High overheard, lickety split, launch the missile into her widow of invulnerability. Stuffing the ballotrina’s box, doing what comes naturally.

Whether yr a standin or a sit in, doing yr business in someone’s biffy, scanning the contents of her medicine chest, do not exhibit pour spurtsmanshit. Do not pass go in the pantry and rifle her drawers. It will fly in the face of the facts, ma’am, if you’re pulling your own weight. For chrissmisst my twseetie gave me a come-along. Chown doen. I stripped the gear box making frozen firewood. 

The vandals took the handle. Friar Tuck’ll find them. Feelem. Then he’ll forgetem. Like a butcher’s dog.

Where’s the beef? At top dead centre. Stand up and be accountants. I’d like to apply for that position in reproductive biology. Fill out yr forms.

Eidedic cate. This nest song to all you mothers out there on ground zero. Noynt your face overnight with Lac virginis. Betty’s on the meat ball.

She’s always had the look of the eyeish. Perjaps she worm her firm kirt and fuzzy chaps to go out for a roll in the bakery. At the Masters’ tournament of Johnson’s wax where Humpetey Cumbetty wailed at a bale. All the king’s whorses and all the kink’s men couldn’t pub hummey agasser agrin. 

Bowling is rite up my allie, said Sallie. Oop, said Paul. Bowling ball. She sports a succulent pair of knockers. He’s got a hankering to drop in on her, she in her knickers as she is, and he in his notch. Be my almagest, she said, my aide memoire. My angel puss. Heaven knows. 

How I’d love to burst in upon you right where yr expecting, left to yr own devices, to see how yr feeling, with hands across the waters.

He was forthwith promoted to a fifth order of the border garter by an extinguished night of the roam. He looked so florid in his toot suite, rudy to the tooth, a new fangled wolfman of the old school chum.

Fairboaten zoo sprachen? Shame on you, shaman, for breathing up all the laughing gas once upon, upon some verses of Virgil.

Well, the sky has the mountains on its side. Cleavage compelled cessation.

When the saltan of the earth raisins his swollen head and reigns over pearls before supper, then mean Mr. Mustard will inherit the broken wind. Next comes the the plasticine age. Arrows over the rainbow. Incomplete combustion. Musical movement made in Japan. Twat does a gisher girl wear under her kinono? Doubled over in pleasure, dreams really do come true. 

Pardon my interrupts, see-pee-you, but I don’t want to lose my type ahead. Normally of course the blitter and the sixtyeighthundred take tickles of eightyeights each. When the blitter hogs the cycles in native mode, who will service Miss Keyboard Interrupts? Bone mots. 

Did he say that his hat was in style?

No, he said that it was found in the sty, so put that in your eye.

Was he willing to comment on the pros and cons of frozen prawns?

Liketh the man on death row who was afraid of sparks, he was all clammed up and nowhere to glow.

Remember when the memory register was last cleared of bits? Hardware had a sale on entropy. Get it while it’s hot. According to the second lay, the layman’s guide to lay women. It’s a thermodynamically irreversible operation. We pay to have newspapers delivered, not taken away. 

Plant a man, boom town salmon. Mumbo jumbo, mon, by the light of the morning star. The mount of Venus. The fizziology of orgasm. Writ larege by a gnome de flume. Fireball.

Man as we know him. Women as well as you know her. The girl from ipomea convulva haunts my dreams. They can’t take that away from me.

I’m hair, wooden life! Us many, o world!

Best boy, state self. Legs between. Quark bush. Whose eyes shall branch? O father modules, ain’t les sentences owed swell?

Corn found yam. Happy messenger crossed ice horizon. Friend rises dancing, bellowing to a different zipper. Women flew thru peeling.

Large distributed systems are unstable. Wide swings of behavior. Busker Brown passed down the center of a corset.

There’s a quark down! Code Five. Call the Chromodynamics!

That royal tap on the shoulder during the dance between the sheets. Dripping tap, tap a sapper.

I’ve got a headache twoud split an atom. I suffered rejection at every hand because they said my type couldn’t be justified. Scan you now these polar bodies? I know you’re there because the string is slack.

When one of the balls tries to escape, the string gets tight. Renormalize your mass and charge the phenomena to the parameters. At Her Highness’s behest, The Royal Family was bestowed with a wave function.

On the horizon the fish were on their last legs, burping bigger bubbles than when we used to be kids. When we leaft awl the choir girls up the sprout. What’ll it be, sky blue water?

May we have the envelope please?

Philip my glass with seersawn music. For four days we loved on bred and vasser and on the fifth a doxen people freefell down mine canary.

Fiat lox. Let there be a Yang-Mills theory with all its gauge bosons, sordid like the man with the golden arm putting the rub on the woman with the steel toe. Back in the United Straights, so swob and devonaire. Ironically railroad construction was the reason for ships. 

General Electric passes the order on to the Kentucky Colonel. May you rock well, my boeing little one. May your informations be hard of chewing.

Quoths the raison, livermore. Like a byte? In a form appropriate for the supercomputer. The primordial fireball, if it exists, provides us with tangible evidence that the universe did pass through a hot, highly contracted phase. Spontaneous evacuation. Protecting the population. Attack related budget. All levels of government. Space-based defense. Incoming barrage. Random arrival. War in the skies. 

Woe to him who makes companions drink the outpouring of his venom, intoxicating them so that he may gaze upon their dancing girls. Full chasm five my fiddler lies. My foddler who art in carnate, pinky be his leaf. Those are parlez that view his eyes. Shiver me timbers in me mother’s tongue. There was no return address on the envelope of her voice. 

And ball the jack on the railroad track.

The railroad means escape. A weeping maiden seen at a ford, washing bloody garments, means one is about to die.

Dr. Bárány performing the test on himself to calibrate the instrument.

This cranial nerve serves both hearing and equilibrium. Hearing is tested with normal and whispered voice or with a ticking watch held close to one ear while the other is blocked. Further testing can be made with a special device (audiometer). Neural disorder is in- dicated if the person has trouble hearing even when such structures as the eardrum are bypassed (e.g., by placing the stem of a vibrating tuning fork on the mastoid bone behind the ear).

Unilateral (one-sided) disturbance of the vestibular branch of the nerve is manifested by such signs as dizziness, falling to one side, or even complete inability to walk. Less severe vestibular disturbances are indicated by such behaviour as difficulty in attempting to raise one arm overhead and accurately return it to the same spot on a horizontal rod. Oscillatory eye movements (nystagmus) are observed in vestibular disturbances because of an intimate connection with parts of the brainstem concerned with eye movements. The vestibular nerve can be further tested by syringing the ears with hot and cold water or air (caloric test) or by spinning the person in a rotating chair with his head held in various positions to selectively stimulate different semicircular canals in the inner ear (Bárány test).

Bárány served as adjunct medical officer on the voyage, and distinguished himself by his Cap de Merde off the Grand Banks.

You’re sure of the quality when you see the THERMOs brand name

For over fifty years, THERMOS has been the standard of perfection for keeping hot or keeping cold. To insure fillers which will withstand wide temperature ranges and the terrific pressure of a vacuum, THERMOS manufactures its own crystal-pure glass especially for this purpose. Each filler must pass a rigid test for temperature retention before it is assembled into a vacuum bottle. These bottles have such exclusive features as the non-drip pouring lip and patented Polly Red Top® insulated stopperi, and a new plastic closure which even a child can remove easily. Be a smart shopper. For the finest vacuum bottle, be sure to look for the THERMOS name.


ANNOUNCERS at football and baseball games have long been in need of some instrument to give them a closer view of the playing field, and manufacturers have come to their rescue with a pair of binoculars which are adjusted to the eyes like ordinary spectacles.

A special head band keeps them in place during the game, as illustrated in the accompanying photo. When the observer wishes to rest his eyes for a moment and get back to normal vision, the glasses can be raised and rested on the forehead.

Beware of amateur hypnotism

The words of Agur the son of Jakeh, the oracle. The man saith unto Ithiel, unto Ithiel and Ucal:

There are three things which are too wonderful for me, 
Yea, four which I know not:
The way of an eagle in the air.
The way of a serpent upon a rock.
The way of a ship in the midst of the sea.
And the way of a man with a maiden.
So saith Solomon, and he had more wives than one.

The anonymous Way of a Man with a Maid ] was published around 1908. The story is told in the first person by a gentleman called “Jack”, who lures women he knows into a kind of erotic torture chamber in his house, and takes considerable pride in meticulously planned assaults which he describes in minute detail.

Most of the story takes place in a room in a house called “The Snuggery”, which Jack converts into a kind of erotic torture chamber equipped with beds to which women can be strapped and held helpless and which is soundproofed to make their screams unheard. .

At this time it fell out that a brazenlockt damsel grieved (sobralasolas!) because that Puppette her minion was ravisht of her by the ogre Puropeus Pious. Bloody wars in Ballyaughacleeaghbally. 

It must be remembered that a girl, Biddy O’Brien, caused the war at Finnegan’s wake. Pious was faithful to religious duties and observances; devout and dutiful, safe, reliable and courteous.

On attic roofs, and where only one side of the house can be used for the attachment of rain-water pipes, the water from one side is brought across the roof by means of a “box” gutter of wood, lined at the bottom and sides with lead or zinc, and covered with a board. This often emits a very foul smell, owing to the accumulation of decaying matter. When such guttering cannot be avoided, it should occasionally—say once a week—be carefully cleaned out. The same matters will sometimes silt up and stop the gullies, shown at the foot of the rain-water pipes, hence it is equally necessary to see that these traps are cleaned out, say monthly. 

The wedding ceremony was conducted according to the strictly unwritten rituals of the two parties aforesaid, the Maori and the Minori. The ceremony occurred during the reign of the Elder Edda as the  Younger Dryas scattered the seed.

There was some johnny come lately on the spot dirty laundry doubletalk between the Freisians and the Mossilmins. This cannot be credited, nor the tale told by the surfers in Kingdom Come.